Blog introduction

This blog will be a collection of thoughts originating from our everyday life experience as Italian architects working in China. We will talk about architecture, social issues, urban phenomenons, design and  everything we will think we can learn something from.
China is today what Italy was in the rainassence, England was in 19th century, New York was in 1920's.
This is a place where talking about Utopias today still makes sense, where dreaming of a better world could be even not just a dream and where future is still seen brighter than the past.
We consider that as architects being here in this peculiar moment of Chinese history is a privilege and a mission.
We believe that architecture has a special task in our society,  that architecture is a social art and we believe that creativity worths no more than social responsibility. We believe that as well as extraordinary beauty there is a standard beauty that must be guaranteed to every one. We believe also that nature makes our world beautiful and we believe that architects must contribute to build a more beautiful environment for human beings. We believe that we can do it further beyond than creating new extravagant objects to fill the space we use to live. We believe we have a task and we still believe that we can realize it especially in a country that breaths, lives, struggles and strives, in spite all difficulties, to give people better conditions, better opportunities and better lives.
Contributing to build this brand new world we would like to bring in only the best of our own countries experiences trying to share only the positive that our culture has achieved so far and trying to diffuse here what we learnt from our own mistakes.
In our blog the comparison will be the key to interpret things, always in a double directions with the aim to build a bridge in our even so different cultures Chinese. We are convinced that only from a rational comparison, pointing out the differences or outlining the points in common our point of view will be useful even to our country in this special delicate moment, to come out from prejudices and pride and to try to learn from these differences.